Peripatetic organisations (London)


An occasional mini-publication that unearthing and reviving compelling, illuminating and curious ideas.

Implicasphere is an occasional mini-publication that seeks to unearth and revive compelling, illuminating and curious ideas in the form of image and text fragments. Taken from fields as diverse as folk craft, nuclear physics, metaphysical poetry, pulp novels, linguistics, criminology, film noir and astrology these fragments are unadulterated. Each issue takes the form of a single printed broadsheet and takes its theme from an everyday word that seems direct and concrete – 'mice', 'string', or 'the nose', for example. Not the scholarly paper it may appear at first to be, Implicasphere hypothesises and speculates; it is piratical, amateur and partial, dependent as it is on the vagaries of its editors' imaginations. Material is left in an unstable state, caught in the excitement of the first encounter with an unfamiliar idea, in the hope of provoking consternation, intrigue and reverie.



A peripatetic organisation hosted by different venues according to the project in hand.Canal formed in May 2006 with the aim of presenting a range of activities including discussions, screenings and performances. Originally based in a dedicated space on Vyner Street, East London, it is now a peripatetic organisation hosted by different venues according to the project in hand. As an informal group of artists and curators, Canal acts as a framework to generate a programme which is not exhibition-led but incorporates practitioners from other fields in addition to the visual arts. Canal is Anna Colin, Matthew Darbyshire, Sarah McCrory and Olivia Plender. It has worked with Simon Martin, Phyllida Barlow and Elinor Jansz among others. Hosted by venues including Peer, Between Bridges and AK28, Canal is now working on a series of projects for the Whitechapel Gallery's one-year offsite project, The Street.



A limited edition publication in scrapbook format.

Centrefold is a limited edition publication in scrapbook format, with a print run of no more than 60 copies.

Born in 2003 from a curatorial project entitled Wooden Hearts, Centrefold is a low-tech cut-and-paste production. For each issue artists are invited to treat one or two pages as their own scrapbook; while a writer/historian/curator or artist is usually invited to produce the centrefold. All the pages are then complied, formatted, and designed - the latter by Reza Aramesh, or in collaboration with a guest artist. Centrefold attempts to record a non-linear (local) art history through the view of an artist (Aramesh), rather than echo how art is recorded and fictionalised by art historians. To date six scrapbooks have been created, the title of each taken from a socio-political issue at the time of its production.



A nomadic project space exploring the intersections of contemporary art and social production.

temporarycontemporary is a nomadic project space run by artists Anthony Gross and Jen Wu exploring the intersections of contemporary art and social production. Originally based in Deptford, gallery exhibitions have now been replaced by activities like poker-games-as-group-shows, video events in pubs and Tate Modern, occasional art fairs and roving exhibitions in China. temporarycontemporary's next project Event Horizon takes place at the former Museum of Mankind, as part of the Royal Academy's first major contemporary project since Apocalypse. A consideration of art after the perceptible edge, this will take the form of a temporary occupation of four neo-classical spaces hosting major new commissions, performances and events radiating from a free-for-all slacker-lounge-café-bar.


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