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All Power to the Imagination! 1968 and Its Legacies marks the creative resistance of a remarkable year, while placing its lessons in the context of our own times. From April to June and across London, this major season explores 1968 culture, politics and thought and their legacy manifestations in cinema, visual art, literature, music and activism.




Ends Sunday 22 June [Daily 12 - 7:30pm and Thu till 9pm]

The Mall, SW1 T:020.7930.3647 Tube: Charing Cross/Piccadilly Circus general Mon to Fri: £2 / Sat to Sun: £3 | concessions Mon to Fri: £1.50 / Sat to Sun: £2

As the anniversary of the protests of May 1968 in Paris approaches, a young Frenchman is taking the artworld by storm. With simultaneous shows at the Palais de Tokyo and the ICA at the age of 29, this artist is nothing but precocious. His name is Loris Greaud. He has a rare musical talent, having studied at the Conservatoire de Musique, set up his own record label and created DGZ Research -- with architects Marc Doelger and Damien Ziakovic -- a multidisciplinary production studio involved in the realisation this show, Cellar Door (Once Is Always Twice). The installation is a wonderful fusion of art, architecture and music inspired by the symbol of the studio -- a space designed for perpetual creativity. Designed with three identical rooms, separated by high-speed automatic doors, it encourages us to reflect on the uncanny notion of doubling. Stepping into each room is like entering a parallel universe, with patterns derived from stars and architectural geometry, distinctly reminiscent of the geodesic dome of Buckminster Fuller. And you can try sweets from a vending machine, named Celador. Invented by DGZ, they too are a source of illusion, because they have no taste. Like the installation, they encourage you to project yourself into an imaginary world. Visit the show and, to borrow from Greaud's mirrored wall text, "You will see for yourself..."

NB: runs till 22/06. On Thursdays (7 - 9pm) during run the of the show, and only if you are lucky, experience Loris Greaud's multiplication of rooms under the influence of black champagne served by identical triplets.



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